Discover the Selection
of our specialities

Are you ready to enjoy and to feel surprised by the fine dishes of our Trois-Ponts menus ? Hotel Restaurant Le Beau Site can offer you a worthy welcome and a great variety of its specialities. For a total gastronomic experience, we gladly advice you to have a look at our several menus, carefully chosen by our Chef ! 

main courses                                                                                                                                                                                                 28 €
main courses +dessert       36 €
starters+main courses       36 €
starters+ùao, courses+ dessert      45 €


Our starters

Deer carpaccio with a touch of wite truffle oil, grate parmesan and candied tomatoes  
Duck foie gras slice roasted pistachio, thinly sliced Jonagold apple cooked in butter and Calvados sauce + 2 €
Smoked young wild board ham on bed of mixed greens, balsamic vinegar dressing diced pear and pine nuts   
Warm goat cheese pastry with a touch of bitter Sirop de Liège on green beans and nut oil   
Fried scallops on a bed of lamb's lettuce, ginger and schellfish dressing with mango  + 1 €


Our soups                                                                                                                                                     + 4 €

Squash velouté, touch of chestnut and parmesan cream 
Game bouillon and espelette pepper 
Velouté of seasonal vegetables 


Our main courses

Chateaubrilland steack blanc bleu Belge on bed of oyster mushrooms, winter vegetables and tarragon sauce   
Hare fillet, wild mushrooms, wine wooked pear and grand veneur sauce  + 2 €
Fried boneless brouwn trout from Ligneuville, Ardennes ham chips, seasonal vegetables and Riesling sauce   
Youg wild board stex, vegetables from the Ardennes, appel with cramberries   
Doe steack, slow cooked Belgian endive and red chicory sauce poivrade   


Our desserts

Shortbread with roasted figs and red fruit coulis  
Molten bitter chocolate cake, vanilla bourbon cream and cream caramel   
Delicate warm apple tart with almond biscuit   
Parfait soufflé iced brown and almond biscuit   
A selection of mature cheesses with Sirop de Liège and frech chesse ice cream   
Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce or with caramel sauce and nuts/ selection of ice cream   

If interested in getting more details on our menus or to make a booking, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  As the Hotel Restaurant Le Beau Site is located at Trois-Ponts nearby Liège, it is easy to access and it has a private parking facility (more info on Access Page).